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Welcome to Reform Pilates. We are a boutique Pilates studio perfectly positioned in the beautiful Whitford village, less than 10km from Howick or Beachlands, and only 5 minutes from Flat Bush.


    We offer private and semi-private Mat, Reformer, Barre Attack and Yoga classes. All of our classes at Reform are led by fully trained and experienced instructors. 

Owner & Instructor

Kelly purchased the business from the original founders in January 2018 after working as an instructor.


Kelly trained in Mat, Reformer and Wunda Chair with Studio Pilates in Australia where she also completed her Progressions course and Advanced Reformer. Coupled with this Kelly is also trained in leading Barre Attack classes designed by Renee Scott in Australia.


Kelly believes the three disciplines of Pilates, Yoga and Barre are so complimentary of each other. Each of them focuses on fitness, flexibility and strength. Kelly loves that her studio is in a position to offer all of these classes.

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Originally from Dublin, Ireland. Clare joined Reform Pilates Whitford Studio in February 2018 and quickly earned a reputation for running a good strong class, with the right amount of burn. As a busy Mum of three very active children, she started Pilates to get some quality exercise and time to herself. Clare loves to exercise, and Pilates soon became her passion. 

She is trained in Mat, Reformer, Advanced Reformer and has completed her progressions course. She believes that Pilates is not only good for the body but also our mental health and loves that you can do Pilates anywhere - all you need is your body and a mat 

A class with Clare, is 1 hour devoted to you. 



Theresa Lombard joined the team in January 2023 and brings with her years of experience, in depth knowledge of Pilates and enthusiasm to serve the community through Pilates Group Reformer and Private Classes.


Born and raised in the Western Cape of South Africa, she started off in an office environment before changing careers to become a Pilates Instructor. She opened her own studio in Doha, Qatar where she mostly served private clients while freelancing at a local Pilates Reformer studio.


As a BASI Pilates Instructor she is certified on all Pilates equipment and completed workshops, symposiums and courses to satisfy her interest in different populations. To name a few: Pilates for the active ageing, Pilates for those who struggle with injuries, pathologies or chronic pain, and Pilates for athletes. She also completed the Legacy Program under Rael Isacowitz, Founder of BASI Pilates. This includes Mentor, Master I and Master II programs and Honors.


Teaching with compassion and energy, she believes Pilates is a compliment to any sport and perfect for alignment, flexibility, coordination, endurance and strength.

“Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work” – Joseph Pilates



Aimee has been working in wellness for sixteen years and supporting women in the community.  She believes a holistic approach is best for supporting individuals and their wellbeing, moving with the mind, body and spirit. 


Aimee found her passion in yoga through her own self-discovery and healing journey, in her own practice she saw transformation in herself and her life.

Aimee decided to take her knowledge deeper into yoga and completed her 200RYT certificate in trauma informed Hatha Yoga with Nicole and John Allen at Raw Yoga and Wellbeing.


Atsuyo is originally from Japan and has lived in Europe (Netherlands & Ireland) for over 10 years before moving to New Zealand 9 years ago.  

She fell in love with yoga and developed her passion not only for asana (pose) practice but for the fact that it’s a journey to discover self beyond the mat.  

Managing through a busy life being a mom of three kids together with a corporate life, yoga quickly became an integrated part of her life. She’s discovered that yoga hasn’t  made her life busier but it has been fulfilling and complementing her life.

She enjoys classes of sequencing flows where people can be mindful, curious, playful, and calm at the same time. She wishes to create a wholeness and loves to share the space and energy with everyone in the room.  She has completed her RYS 200h Teacher Training at Inspire Yoga Teacher Training NZ.


Krystel’s passion for Pilates was sparked over 20 years ago when she attended her first Reformer session. In her own words she says “I walked out of each session two centimetres taller and my body rejuvenated!” The back pain she had been experiencing for years disappeared. Because of this she felt she could go on to pursue any activity of her choice.


In 2010 Krystel completed a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction through Polestar Pilates International. She then opened her own Pilates studio in South Australia, nestled amongst the vines in the Barossa Valley. Krystel loves the community associated with the studio. 


Krystel really enjoys using the Reformer and other Pilates apparatus to move all of the joints throughout our body in ways that we so rarely do in our every-day life. 

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Ashlee travelled to India at the beginning of 2020 to complete her 200 hour training course.  Since then, she has completed and extra 75 hours of training including Yin Yoga and a creative sequencing module.


 “I love Vinyasa flow because of the freedom it gives to create an almost dance like quality to our practice. The rhythmic flow helps us to slow down our minds and become connected to the present moment. Our lives have become so busy, and technology driven so it is really important to take time and slow down and connect back to our selves. Yoga isn’t about getting your body into the perfect posture or competing with yourself and others in the class, it’s about connecting the posture with the breath and noticing how this makes the body and mind feel”. 


Everyone can benefit from a bit of yoga in their lives and Ashlee welcomes people from all levels by providing options throughout the practice.  She is looking forward to meeting you all in class where you can get into the flow and explore together.


Brittany recently passed her Reformer course with Studio Pilates & is ready to get started with practise classes with us. We are so excited to have her as part of the team!



Gavin has been working as a Physiotherapist since 2015 with qualifications in both mat and reformer pilates.  At a young age Gavin received post op physiotherapy and discovered first hand the difference it could make in life which set him on his own path to help others.


Originally from Ireland, Gavin really enjoys the outdoor lifestyle of New Zealand. As a firm believer in practicing what you preach, Gavin exercises daily and his goal this year is to run 3 half marathons. Gavin aims to keep his classes varied, challenging and fun and is excited to get to know you and help you to achieve your fitness goals.

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