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Reformer CLasses

The Pilates reformer is the ultimate Pilates resistance workout, suitable for all levels. 


Reformers are used to strengthen, align, stretch and tone your entire body. This class will challenge the core and total body strength as well as elevate  your heart rate which is ideal for weight loss.


If you’ve never done reformer pilates before, you need to do a one on one or duo training session before you can book a class with us. We offer these in the studio. The reason we require you to do a training is to ensure your workout is personal and geared around your own progression and success. It will allow for you to join our Reformer group classes and have an understanding of the equipment.


Please note you must have either attended reformer classes before or completed a private tuition to be able to book this class.

Casual Class                40


10 class card              350

Save $50

20 class card             600

Save $200

introductory offer    40

2 Classes

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