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MOTR CLasses

MOTR (movement on the roller) is a hybrid between mat pilates and reformer pilates. It is a giant foam roller, with resistance bands attached on one end. There’s no single way to use it - you can stand on it, sit on it, kneel on it - or even stand with the bands between your feet and hold the roller above your head.

During our MOTR classes, everyone gets their own piece of equipment and we run through a range of different movements that focus on resistance training, core strength, balance and recovery, along with a little cardio.

The main difference between a reformer and the MOTR equipment is that on the MOTR each pulley is independent, rather than both pulleys resisting one spring. And guess what… this makes some of the exercises even more challenging than the reformer!


The roller offers a balance challenge unlike any other in Pilates encouraging core engagement. Give it a try today!


Casual Class                20


10 class card              180

Save $20

20 class card             300

Save $100

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