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Theraband Exercises to take on holiday!

Looking for an easy way to get that burn this summer? With Auckland Anniversary Weekend & Waitangi Weekend around the corner, there's no excuses anymore to not work out!

All you need for these exercises are:

  • A theraband!

Yup, that's it! So let's start 2023 with some fire!


Works Glutes & Engages Core

  1. Wrap the band around your thighs just above the knees and stand side on to a wall or barre to hold for stability.

  2. Bend both knees and take the outside foot behind the body.

  3. On your exhale breath take the knee straight out to the side and inhale to return it.

  4. Do this for one full minute and then turn around to repeat the exercise on the other side.

To make this more challenging you can add pulses or just increase the length of the exercise.

Remember to keep the standing leg knee slightly bent.

Next up: SQUATS!

Thighs, glutes, core and you can engage the back of the body

  1. Keep the band around your thighs and stand with your feet just slightly wider than hip distance apart.

  2. Keep your knees tracking in line with your middle toes as you bend your knees and take your bottom out behind you. Like sitting back in a chair.

  3. As you stand up reach your fingertips to the floor and draw your shoulder blades down.

  4. Continue for 1 minute.

To challenge yourself you can add holds, pulses or lengthen the time of the exercise.

Get ready for: BICEP CURLS

Works the Biceps and engages the inner thighs and core.

  1. Sit with your legs out in front of you and the band wrapped around your feet.

  2. Holding the band in each hand round the spine and roll halfway back towards the floor.

  3. Keeping your elbows at shoulder height use the exhale breath to bend your elbows and draw the band towards your shoulders, inhale breath to straighten the elbows extending the arms long.

  4. Continue for one minute.

To make the exercise harder keep the elbows high and lengthen the time of the exercise, or you can make the band tighter. To make it easier you can loosen the band, lower the elbows to your side or shorten the time you do the exercise.

We love a WIDE ROW

Mobilizes the shoulders and works the lats, rhomboids and lower trapezius muscles

  1. Stay sitting with legs out in front of you, straighten your spine and sit up tall.

  2. The palms face the floor and the band gets crossed over to form an X shape.

  3. Draw your arms back into the shoulder socket and on your exhale breath bring your elbows out to the side. Be mindful not to let the shoulders creep up towards your ears – focus on drawing the shoulder blades down to the base of your spine.

  4. Continue for 1 minute.

To make this harder you increase the tension of the band.

Last but not least: BICYCLE LEGS

Mobilises the hips, and strengthens tummy and neck muscles

  1. Uncross the straps and keep holding them in your hands with the band wrapped around one foot.

  2. Roll back onto your mat with control and bring your legs to a 45 degree angle from the hip out across the mat.

  3. Plant your elbows into the mat with your arms bent at a 90 degree angle.

  4. Exhale breath to lift your head and shoulders off the mat looking at your knees.

  5. Hold it here and inhale to bring the band leg to table top and exhale to push back out on the angle.

  6. Continue for 1 minute before switching sides.

To make this harder your can lengthen the legs lower to the mat or you can make your band tighter. To make it easier the foot extends up on a higher angle.

Note: if you neck gets sore you can lower your head to the mat but you must maintain a strong rib to hip connection.

When you're packing for your long weekend: don't forget your theraband!

We hope you find these exercises helpful! If you are staying in Auckland over the long weekends coming up, we'd love to see you in the studio!

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