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You know that feeling when you have had a killer core sesh, and it literally aches to even giggle? Well… if you never want to laugh again, then MOTR could be the perfect class for you. Only joking. But seriously, MOTR is a game changer!

What is MOTR (you may be wondering)?

First and foremost - let’s start with what it means! MOTR stands for “Movement On The Roller”.

The name gives you a fair idea of what it is; sort of a hybrid between mat pilates and a reformer. As you can see it is a giant foam roller, with resistance bands attached on one end. There’s no single way to use it - you can stand on it, sit on it, kneel on it - or even stand with the bands between your feet and hold the roller above your head. It’s a functional little piece of equipment, and don’t be fooled… it gives you that burn!

During our MOTR classes, everyone gets their own piece of equipment and we run through a range of different movements that focus on resistance training, core strength, balance and recovery, along with a little cardio.

The main difference between a reformer and the MOTR equipment is that on the MOTR each pulley is independent, rather than both pulleys resisting one spring. And guess what… this makes some of the exercises even more challenging than the reformer!

The roller offers a balance challenge unlike any other in Pilates encouraging core engagement.

“It looks a little complicated!”

Doesn’t everything before you give it a go?

Trust us when we say that MOTR is for everyone. You only need a little Pilates knowledge to get started, and there’s no better time to learn than now. Because the MOTR is so versatile, we guarantee you won’t get bored!

Each class is a little different and the balance challenges just add a little fun to the workout ;)

Break it down for me… what are the benefits?

It’s a cardio workout and while some people may not scream with joy over this information, it really is one of the key benefits! When you’re in a MOTR class your heart rate will be pumping and you will most certainly be burning calories.

No workout is the same because it is so versatile! Every class will have something different, or something new. You can use the MOTR for upper body, for lower body, for core… for everything! So, whatever your instructor feels like doing that day, is what you will get. And no two workouts are the same.

It helps with getting toned as does all forms of Pilates! It lengthens and strengthens your muscles, as well as increasing your core strength and flexibility. If you keep at it, you will definitely see results!

It is safe! One of the key benefits is that it is a safe exercise for those that are recovering from injury, and it is safe for pregnant women too.

It is a fun way to move. And we mean this too! It may be difficult to get your balance at first, but that adds to the experience - and makes for a really fun workout! It is hard, but it is also easy once you get the hang of it.

All in all, MOTR is fun, it’s different and it’s offered here at Reform Pilates Whitford.

If this blog didn’t give you the push to try it, we don’t know what will! Come and give it a go - you won’t regret it!

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